Exercise those little fingers!

The last 2 weeks I have been concentrating on 2 specific exercises with Daniel to help improve his pencil gripe and his basic writing skills.

These games are quite fun to do so it is very important that you keep your little impulsive person at bay before they get too excited. (Not always easy to do).

First one is to make little picture dots on a polystyrene plate. I couldn’t find any so I just used the cups. Then, using a toothpick or a sharp pencil have your little one poke holes in the dots you have made.

Daniel enjoys this one a lot but he also easily gets distracted from the task and starts playing with his cup by seeing how far it can roll with the toothpick in it; poking the holes from the wrong side or making funny noises into the cup.

The resistance of pushing into the polystyrene helps reaffirm their pencil grip and build some strength into those little hands as well.

The next exercise that we started doing on Friday was tracing race car tracks!!!

So much fun!! I found some really nice race car track printables on the internet and printed these out on an A3 piece of paper and I also attempted at drawing some tracks of my own.

The exercise here is that he must use his little car and start at the starting point and make his way across the track. Then using a crayon he must trace along the track very slowly and carefully. This helps a lot with the basic writing skills and it becomes a little tricky to hold that crayon nicely around the corners of the tracks but practise makes perfect.

These are fun exercises that don’t seem like homework for the little kids yet it still teaches them the basic skills that our little ones sometimes struggle with.

Below are some links where you can find some race track printables! Remember – you can always make your own as well.



Quiet Time Printable playmats



I Promise to never try to “Fix You”

So there is a video trending at the moment on the net and has over 4mil views about a father that takes his son to a Coldplay concert. The boy is a fan of Coldplay and what makes this very special is he is autistic.

The boy becomes very emotional at one point which, who knows, may be due to the overwhelming situation of a huge crowd and bright lights or perhaps he was so overthrown with joy he couldn’t hold back his emotion.

What struck me the most is the song that was playing when this boy reacted. Coldplay’s Fix You.

I couldn’t help but think if this father is so wishing he could “fix” his son and make things right and then I couldn’t help but think of my emotions to “fix” my boy.

You will read a lot of parents posts about their ADHD children and they say they will never try to fix them. I agree with them but I won’t lie that I wish I could.

I wish I could make things easier for him, I wish that I could shelter him from all the hurt that is bound to come his way, the problem is…if I could “fix” him he wouldn’t be Daniel.

He wouldn’t be the boy that makes everyone laugh. The boy that runs around doing silly things almost all the time. The boy that brings so much joy to his mommy’s life because his personality is just so loveable.

He just wouldn’t be my Daniel and that may be worse than having the “perfect little child”.

So I promise to never try to “Fix You” my sweet boy!

Shine a little Light

So for the past couple of weeks Daniel has been waking me up in the middle of the night wanting to tell me a story. The story changes every so often but for the last few nights the story has been about a hole in the wall between me and him and he keeps falling into the hole.

Obviously he is having nightmares and it keeps him awake as well as me when he has them.

He’s also become aware of the dark and prefers to have his light to stay on at night or for me to keep the door open for him. Normally I close the door because he has a tendency to get up in the middle of the night and I don’t want him settling off the house alarm and then we all wake up in a panic.

So late on Wednesday night I searched for a solution to our common problem. I ended up ordering a Dream Light Penguin from TakeAlot.com – and it was on special for only R129!

I ordered it on express delivery and received it yesterday. Daniel was very excited to open up his Penguin and it worked like a charm. We both had a nightmare free night last night 🙂

The Dream Lights product casts “stars” onto the ceiling which at first I thought would keep Daniel up at night but it has a setting which you can select so that the lights turn off after 20min. I checked in on Daniel around the 15min mark and he was out for the count.

I also expected the projected lights on the ceiling to be small and faint but I was pleasantly surprised that the lights where pretty awesome actually.

If you have a little one who is afraid of the dark I would definitely recommend this!



http://www.takealot.com/dream-light-lady-bug/PLID32849938 – here is a link to a lady bug light 🙂


Here is to many more restful nights – I hope!

Paper Ball Fight

This week’s homework exercises from the OT were a little too much fun for Daniel 🙂

His task was to roll up A4 pieces of paper into a tight little ball and throw it at a goal. His goal was a bucket that I was holding.

Well…of course the first couple throws were controlled until the excitement came over and it became funny to throw the pieces of paper anywhere else BUT the bucket. Of course Mom’s head was a prime target as well.

This was a lot of fun whilst helping him with his fine motor skills and co-ordination. Obviously didn’t help too much with concentration as he got far too excited and lost site of the goal but it was great fun for both of us.


The Underwear Rule

So this week I was informed by Daniel’s teacher that he is starting to look under the girls skirts and being quite inquisitive about it as well.

Obviously this is a normal developmental stage that they go through but I seriously should’ve had the “no touch” talk with him a while ago. Obviously he is not my little baby anymore 😦

So I searched on the internet to find something that will appeal to him so that he would stay interested in the learning about private parts and where people aren’t allowed to touch.

I came across quite a nice initiative done in Europe called The Underwear Rule. It teaches children that the parts of their body that is covered by underwear is private and no-one can touch it.

They have a nice book you can download as well called Kiko and the Hand. I read this book to Daniel and his younger brother Declan last night and it worked out quite well. I spoke to him afterwards about which parts of his brothers body can he touch and he understood that he is not allowed to touch his brothers underwear or what’s underneath it.

This is always the tricky part about parenting and as a parent you are always worried you are doing something wrong. At least I haven’t had to deal with the “Birds and the Bee’s” talk yet but at the rate my kids are growing that won’t be too far away.


*References in this article can be found at:

http://www.underwearrule.org/Default_en.asp  – Official Website

http://www.underwearrule.org/book_en.asp – The Underwear Rule Book Download


The ADHD Blessing

So I am blessed with two ADHD boys – I just happen to be married to one of them 🙂

My husband was diagnosed when he was in Primary School and our son, Daniel, was recently diagnosed about 1 month ago.

We had our suspicions about him being ADHD – mainly because my mother-in-law picked up all the signs. Bless her soul for being the one to push us to get the diagnosis.

We have also been blessed with fantastic teachers for Daniel but the severity of it came out when we were told that if we don’t help him now he may not be able to cope in a main stream school.

I always knew our boy was special. Heck…we were told we couldn’t even have children and through a lot of prayer and faith we fell pregnant. He was born 7wks prem, stopped breathing at 7wks old and was diagnosed with the worst case of Laryngomalacia that our hospital and staff had seen. He had been through it all and he still survived – I knew we had a special boy on our hands.

I just didn’t realize how special.

After he had stopped breathing our Paed warned out that we may face “problems” when it comes to learning…his suspicions were correct. Its hard to tell though if it was the lack of oxygen that has caused his ADHD or if he inherited it from his father. Personally I think it is a combination of both.

Now, even though we have a long road ahead of us, I still see this as a blessing. I look at my husband and I am so very proud of him. Even though he has his moments where I would just love to throttle him, he has so many traits that I know are only there because of his ADHD.

I am proud of my ADHD boys…and I am proud to be an ADHD mom.

There are quite a few exercises we need to do with Daniel daily and I will post his progress here – something for him to look back on when he is older as well.

I hope you learn from this journey as much as I will!

Tag a “Great Mommy”

So there have been posts floating around lately on Facebook where you should tag a great mommy and post pictures that makes being a mommy so fantastic.

I admit that these posts struck a cord in me. What makes a women a great mother? We all have our faults and far too often we are our worst critics by always judging what we do and comparing ourselves to other mothers.

What about the women that were not tagged – how did that rejection make them feel? What about the women longing to become a mother but can’t…how did that post make them feel?

I think my biggest problem is that I rely on other people to tell me that I am doing a good job but they don’t know what happens 2am in the morning when you have to comfort a child from a nightmare. They don’t know about all the times I have worried about my childrens’ safety from imagining the worst possible happening to them. They don’t know about all the boo-boo’s I have kissed, fever’s I have treated and sleepless nights next to a sick child.

I have realized I can’t rely on myself either to judge whether I am a good mother or not because I am always the one beating myself up over stupid things. Like forgetting to send my kids to school without an extra pair of socks in their bag. Or not being able to take them to school or pick them up because I work too far from home

Do you feel the same sometimes? We are always judging our own abilities as parents when we should rather let the kids judge us for themselves. (this may be tricky with teenagers of course 😉 )

Yes, my son may say to me that I am “not his friend anymore” because I took something away from him for being naughty but the smiles I get from my boys when they see me in the evening tells me that they love me. Their smiles and hugs tell me they appreciate me and that even though I beat myself up over stupid little things, they don’t notice that, all they notice is the love I have for them and that is enough.

Time to let my kids be the judges of me as they are a lot kinder on me than I am on myself.

Kids Speak – Inspiration

Kids Speak originated on YouTube but as a busy mom with a busy schedule and full time job…gosh…I have found it hard to keep up with the videos.

I really should get back into it. Perhaps by blogging my “video creativeness” will come out again…haha!! (sorry I shouldn’t laugh!)

Kids Speak was inspired by my son, Daniel. He was born with an airway defect called, Laryngomalacia. He fought to breathe for the first year of his life but he made it through.

The videos helped me overcome the anxiety that his struggles had caused me, in a sense they were my therapy…enabling me to speak about what had happened in a virtual means and also enabling me to raise some awareness on the condition.

I hope this will be the first of many blog posts. Where I can either grow by myself or hopefully with many of you readers out there.

Here’s to blogging!! CHEERS!